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Ladies, Please Spoil Yourself! Scarlet Eve Cloth Pads Review, Giveaway and Promotion

Milky Way Natibaby Cloth Pad = Divine

Milky Way Natibaby Cloth Pad = Divine

GIVEAWAY: Win two Hoppediz Pune Pads by Scarlet Eve!  Winner to be announced 25 January, visit Katesurfs Facebook page for an easy entry on rafflecopter

FREE AND DISCOUNT SHIPPING FROM SCARLET EVE UNTIL 1 FEBRUARY: All Scarlet Eve orders within Australia have free shipping, promo code: katesurfs  (All orders from over seas will receive discount shipping, a flat rate of $10, promo code: katesurfsos)

Through all of my environmentalist and hippie days I can’t believe I had never once heard of using cloth menstrual pads!  It wasn’t until after using cloth nappies with my older daughter that I discovered cloth pads.  The few original pads I bought were sort of average and I wasn’t too sold on the idea of using cloth pads until… I came across Scarlet Eve’s super cool, designer, amazing, luxurious, affordable handmade cloth pads!  (Did I use enough over-enthusiastic adjectives there?).

I need to order more because I’m in love… yes folks… in love with cloth pads… I know it sounds crazy, but you have to try them to see!!!  I never thought that I would care what my pads looked like!  I mean certainly nobody sees them but me (ok, I’m lying I’ve got two little kids in the house, my kids see it all).  But, since I’ve seen Scarlet Eve’s pads, I’m a little *excited* to get my period, only because I get to use them.

Benefits of Using Scarlet Eve’s Cloth Pads vs. Disposable Pads

  • Saves you enormous amounts of money in just a short amount of time after you start using them.
  • Saves the landfills and less taxing on the environment.
  • More comfy!  Disposables are made from weird plastic stuff and cloth pads are made from… well… soft comfy cloth.
  • Come in a variety of designs and sizes to suite your mood and your flow.
  • Won’t stick to you!  Ok, hands up if you’ve ever had a disposable pad stick to a hair under there (sorry if this is TMI, but seriously, it happens!  I mean, these days, I don’t have the time or pain thresh hold for a Brazilian wax these ?!)
  • Handmade and made in Australia!

How To Care for a Cloth Pad

Cloth pads are relatively easy to care for.  On Scarlet Eve’s website, she has great care instructions.  She suggests that you  put them in a small bucket of water (a nappy pail will do) and let them soak.  Blood is heavier than water, so the blood will sink and when you’re ready to wash, just wash your soaked cloth pads with your regular laundry.  Since I’m still building my cloth pad stash, and don’t have nearly enough, I rinse mine in the shower with me and chuck them in the washing machine straight away.

How Many Pads Do You Need in Your Stash?

Every woman has a different flow, so you can check out Scarlet Eve’s suggestions on her FAQ’s page.  If you’re not sure that cloth pads are for you, you can order a trial pack and give them a whirl first!

Are you a babywearer?  She makes some of her pads from real BABY WRAPS!  At first, I thought it was a bit sacrilege to be using a babywrap on a pad… but now that I use them, I feel like it’s my own little secret.  I know I sound freakish, but if you have a baby wrap stash like I do, you might understand.

The two wrap pads up for grabs! (photo courtesy of Scarlet Eve)

The two wrap pads up for grabs! (photo courtesy of Scarlet Eve)

GIVEAWAY: Win two Hoppediz Pune Pads by Scarlet Eve!  Winner to be announced 25 January, visit Katesurfs facebook page for an easy entry on rafflecopter

FREE AND DISCOUNT SHIPPING FROM SCARLET EVE UNTIL 1 FEBRUARY: All Scarlet Eve orders within Australia have free shipping, promo code: katesurfs  (All orders from over seas will receive discount shipping, a flat rate of $10, promo code:

Five Funny Reasons Why Every New Mother Should Wear Her Baby

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Babywearing is a serious life saver, most baby wearers know that.  There are too many emotional and physiological benefits to mention here, and I’ve already written a long winded post on ‘The Top Ten Reasons to Wear Your Baby or Child‘.   Here are a few of the funny reasons to wear your baby that not too many people mention.

1. Beat the Post-Partum Wardrobe Challenge

Ugh, I have NOTHING to wear!”  Maternity clothes were too big, then my normal clothes didn’t fit and eventually, from so much breastfeeding and babywearing, I lost so much weight that my normal clothes were falling off of me!  The pregnancy/birth/post partum weight yoyo game.  Simple solution: Wear your baby!  Wearing your baby on the front covers your boobs  (just in case your bras don’t fit right), it covers your post-partum jelly-belly and if hides the puke stained-stretched out necked shirt you’re wearing.  If you have a wrap on, then almost your entire top is covered!  Say, “YESSSSS!!!! Thank you babywearing!”

Hmmm... what should I wear to the market today... oh, I'll wear my baby!

Hmmm… what should I wear to the market today… oh, I’ll wear my baby!

2. Food Catcher

Every new mother needs to eat!  When you wear your baby, you can be sure that some of your food will land on the top of that cute little head! (be careful if you’re eating something hot!).  They won’t even notice, and you can save the crumbs later for a snack.


Buddha baby watching

3. Hog Your Baby, Annoy Your Friends and Family

Everyone wants a cuddle with the new baby, but some new mothers are reluctant to play ‘pass the parcel’ with their new little bundle of joy.  You don’t want granny’s red lipstick on your baby’s cheek and you don’t want little cousin Sally with a chesty cough to get too close.  If you’re wearing your baby, you can just explain that’s it too difficult to get them out of the carrier, and bonus if our baby is sleeping, then you don’t even need an excuse!  After all, we never want to wake a sleeping baby, right?

They're mine, hands off!

Unless they ASK for a cuddle, hands off, please!

4. Become the Queen of Public Displays of Affection 

Just in case you’ve ever felt shy about public displays of affection, like holding hands, rubbing backs, or kissing… well, now is your chance to get over it!  You may just find yourself kissing the top of a head, caressing little toes, and even… yes… nibbling little earlobes!  I swear!  If those cute little body parts are in reach, you might now be able to keep your hands off!



5. Take Incredibly Cute Selfies and Smear Them All Over Social Media

Seriously, what do you have to look forward to in a few years, or even when you’re old and gray?  You’ll want to look at selfies of you toting around your tiny little babe, duh!   You can posts your selfies on facebook, instagram and other social media and make people want to wear their babies too.  Baby wearing is catching, don’t you know?

Do you know the skill level required for taking these sorts of selfies!  You will get there, I promise!

Do you know the skill level required for taking these sorts of selfies! You will get there, I promise!

If you really want to buy a baby carrier now, there are so many awesome options.

For a comprehensive list of different types of carrier, check out my friend’s blog post here.

For purchasing wraps in the US, I recommend Wrap Your Baby

For purchasing wraps in Australia, I recommend,  Woven Wraps Australia or Wrap ‘Em

If you are reading this and have any other advice for new mothers or those who are just getting into baby-wearing, please feel free to post in the comments section!

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Scrummy babies are the best!

Scrummy babies are the best!

More impressive tandem wearing shots to plaster over social media!

An impressive tandem wearing shot while wearing my pajamas, to plaster all over over social media!

Wakame salad on the cheek!  No problem.

Wakame salad on the cheek! No problem.


Year in Review of a Stay at Home Mother: Don’t Mind Me, I’m Raising Some Kids

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Thanks… because I like eating already-been-chewed food (not).

Something awesome happened to me this year and you’ll never guess what it was.  No rad overseas holidays.  No life-changing events (like births or illnesses).  I didn’t win the lottery.  I didn’t find out I was pregnant with quadruplets.  There were no profound life realizations.  I didn’t learn a new sport or win anything.  I didn’t find a ‘job’ and I still haven’t paid back my student loans (oops).  And,  I certainly never got around to cleaning out that pesky guest bedroom closet! Read the rest of this entry

Co-Sleep Much?


How Will You Spend the Rest of Your Days?


You really start thinking about your own mortality when a friend unexpectedly passes away.  He was healthy, happy, middle aged and then up and dropped dead.  It came as such a shock to everyone and I have to say, for the past two days, I’ve been thinking non-stop about the meaning of life.  You know, those deep and meaningful questions: “Why are we here?”  “Who am I?” “What is my purpose in life?”  In reality, those are damn good questions to ask yourselves at anytime, especially at the point of someone’s untimely passing. Read the rest of this entry

Eat, Sleep, Surf. Repeat. Merry Christmas!


Good waves on Christmas? That’s equal to a surfer’s white Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho!  What a day!  Santa delivered some super fun waves and a beautiful day!  For once, we had very light winds too, normally, no matter what the wind direction is this time of year, it’s all windy and blowy (even when it’s hot). Read the rest of this entry

A Little Lesson in Human Biology

This picture was in my daughter’s picture dictionary. Did they forget to mention that women lactate too?


How I Met My Guru

(I don't normally wear flowers in my hair... long story)

(I don’t normally wear flowers in my hair… long story) Washington DC 2008 (photo credit Kasia Fraser)

I am Kate.

I have a Guru.

You can find my guru’s picture in almost every room of my house.  It’s unusual for a white girl living in a modern western society, I know.

Gu – means darkness

Ru – means removal Read the rest of this entry

Amaze-balls Vegan Thickshake


It’s really hard not to take seconds of this vegan milkshake thing I made… Either that or you hope and pray that your kids don’t finish theirs, so that you can polish off every last drop. The key to this treat is the consistency. You want to make sure it’s fairly thick, but not so thick that you have to eat with a spoon (although it would still taste as good).

-3-4 frozen bananas, that have been cut into pieces a few inches long
-Rice milk (or soy, almond, etc.)
-1 heaping tablespoon of almond butter
-A big pinch of vanilla powder or about a teaspoon of vanilla extract

Put all ingredients in a
blender, leaving the rice milk for last. Put enough rice milk in so
that the level if rice milk is about an inch under the frozen
bananas. I would give an exact measurement, but everyone’s bananas
come in different sizes 😉 Blend and serve cold!

A Few Big Secrets About Frequent Nighttime Waking in Babies and Toddlers


(Original post was written in July, 2013, but I heavily revised it since and changed the title)

Just a few minutes ago, I was doing the dishes and I heard little babe squawk for about the third time since I put her to bed a couple hours ago.  My husband is in there with her, so the first two times she woke, she easily settled back down and fell back asleep, cuddled against him.  But, when I heard her wake up for the third time, my thought was, ‘Oh, she’s gotta pee‘.   Read the rest of this entry